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A novel chemical ink 

A novel chemical ink was developed by the City University of Hong Kong research group.


A New chemosensing ink 

Our ink is a kind of chemosensing solution. The chemical is specific to detect the biogenic amine, such as cadaverine (屍胺), histamine (組織胺), putrescine (腐胺), trimethylamine (三甲胺) and spermidine (亞精胺).

Colour change

When the chemical ink detects the biogenic amine vapor in the air, the ink will react with biogenic amine and change color from green to orange.


Testing Paper production 

For people handling chemical ink more easily, the ink was decided to add and produce testing paper.

Smart food label

The testing paper was designed to be a food label with a clear color scale, letting the staff of internal quality control can find the freshness of the chilled food.

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