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Management of food quality and food monitoring??

Some hidden food safety problems were awared because of biogenic amine. Proteins and amino acids in spoiled meat, fish, and vegetables are transformed into biogenic amines such as cadaverine (屍胺), histamine (組織胺), putrescine (腐胺), trimethylamine (三甲胺) and spermidine (亞精胺). Intaking those spoiled food cancause biogenic amine poisioning.

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Food quality & quality control

Food quality is the sum of all properties and attributes of a food item that are acceptable to the customer, such as, appearance, texture, flavor, nutritional content, ethical and sustainable production.

Food safety relates to food quality which contributes to consumers acceptance of a food product and as standards for trading. Therefore, in the food industry, food quality is an important criterion to ensure the process of food production within standards.

Importance of food quality


Food quality is the one of the standards to ensure consumers are eating and handling safe food items. Customers can base on the food quality to buy food whereas the food industry uses food quality as the criteria to decide whether the food is fresh.

Control of food quality is used to manage the food quality during the food production process. It is important for the food company to guarantee customers receiving high quality food. Also, control of food quality can protect the reputation and business by preventing any food safety related problems.